Wouldn't It Be Nice?

An Easy Way To Lower Resistance

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My Spirit - Wouldn't It Be Nice? My Spirit - Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Wouldn't It Be Nice?
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Wouldn't It Be Nice?

An Easy Way To Lower Resistance

By Erin Gjertsen

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As with everything on My Spirit, read through this and if it resonates as true for you, have fun and do it! If not, continue exploring until you find something that is right for you.

Wouldn't it be nice is one of my favorite games to play, as I allow so much more well-being to flow into my life, when I say it, instead of "I want", which often brings up resistance.

Tonight, as the storm moved in and my husband was telling me more about the flash floods and deluge that are coming our way, I say out loud, "wouldn't it be nice if we got a nice gentle rain that lasted all night long" rather than a deluge or flood? "Well, yes", he says. "Then, why not just ask for that?". I continue, "If we worry about what we don't want, guess what we get? Why not focus on what we do want, a nice gentle rain that will be good for our garden and good for everyone around here?"

We go on talking about many things after this, but here I am nearly 10 hours later, and I can still hear the nice gentle rain, just outside the windows. I have always been good with the weather. In another life, I must have been a rainmaker, because changing the weather seems to be one of the easiest things for me. Wherever I live, the weather always seems to improve.

Wouldn't it be nice has been a recent addition to my "letting go" toolbox, but I always loved that song by the Beach Boys.

"Wouldn't it be nice" removes a big part of the resistance we hold around things that our minds tell us are not possible. The mind has a hard time arguing with a question like that. It doesn't say No, you can't have that, because, yes, it would be nice. When I am having a challenge of not appreciating my Now moment, I often use it.

"Wouldn't it be nice if I had learned to let go of my past, when I was much younger"?
"Wouldn't it be nice if I could accept all the energies that I don't resonate to, as being a part of life's buffet and just not choose to put them on my plate?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could love without fear of pain and rejection?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if all the little ones were loved and encouraged to follow their hearts?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone knew that they have the ability to create whatever they desire?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if war were just an archaic word in a dictionary?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had plenty to eat, drink, and had a soft comfy place to sleep at night?"
"Wouldn't it be nice if everyone had a pony and it pooped butterflies?"

I believe that it might be able help us to "change history", to jump timelines. It has been in the recesses of my mind since about 1989, that we should be able to shift our past by giving the resources needed to others, like a family member, through daydreaming. Maybe, it can change anything in our personal reality that we feel was not as we would like it to have been.
Could I really have a happy childhood, now?
"Wouldn't it be nice?
I'll let you know... wink smilie



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