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My Spirit - Mr. T Lavendel Buchmann ~ The Librarian My Spirit - Mr. T Lavendel Buchmann ~ The Librarian
T. Lavendel Buchmann ~ The Librarian
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The Library Of Wisdom

Welcome to The Library Of Wisdom!
The library contains keys to transformation. Everything in the library is about shifting energy, changing the way we feel in the moment, painlessly, with ease and grace. Some, are physical things that can shift vibration, like herbs, incense, crystals and the like. Others, are about different ways of thinking. Even small changes create ripples and these changes are not just in ourselves, but in the world around us, as well.

If you find this hard to believe, you might enjoy reading about The Butterfly EffectFYI:If you click on this link, you will be leaving My Spirit. The link opens a new window or tab.. It explains how a butterfly might flap it's wings and by ripple effect cause the weather to change several weeks later.


The Librarian

My Spirit - T. Lavendel Buchmann ~ The Librarian
T. Lavendel Buchmann

The name's T. Lavendel Buchmann, at your service; Librarian extraordinaire. It's my task to help you find the bit of information you are looking for. No job too big, no job too small. It is my pleasure, my joy.

Lavender's my color, so I wear it often. I find it soothing and, as the librarian, it keeps me from feeling too dull.

The library has been through a major renovation and many books are not back on the shelves. What we have available at the moment, you can find here. As we unpack, you will find the selection much expanded.

Please, do not hesitate to ask me for assistance. I can often dig up the bit of information you require.

Also, I highly recommend 'Library Basics', as it sets the stage for everything you will find in the library.


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