The Chunk It Down Process

Breaking Down Overwhelm

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My Spirit - The Chunk It Down Process - Breaking Down Overwhelm
The Chunk It Down Process
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The Chunk It Down Process

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When there is something that you really want to do, but it seems monumental, you may not even begin it, because it feels so overwhelming. That is when you can use The Chunk It Down Process. All you need is a pen, some paper, and your imagination. It doesn't cost anything to do, you might actually find it fun to do, and it might just change your life!

As with everything on My Spirit, read through this and if it resonates as true for you, have fun and do it! If not, continue exploring until you find something that is right for you.


How To Do The Chunk It Down Process

By Erin Gjertsen

When you have something you really want to do, but it seems overwhelming and you aren't sure you can do it, you might want to try The Chunk It Down Process. It is simple and pretty easy once you know how.

The only tools you need for The Chunk It Down Process are:

  • A Pen
  • A Few Sheets Of Paper
  • Your Imagination

The Chunk It Down Process Instructions

Chunking It Down
Chunking It Down

Take a sheet of paper and write down what it is that you want to do.

Then, write down what you think has to take place for you to accomplish your desire. What steps are involved?

Then write down anything you feel prevents you from accomplishing your desire. Are there other people involved? What do they have to do?

At this point, you have your desire, the steps you believe have to happen, and what you believe prevents you from moving forward.

For some people, this will actually be enough.

If it still seems monumental, then you want to break each step down farther. You can also add a couple of questions:

What's the worst that can happen?
Could you handle that?
What's the best that could happen?
How would that feel?

Rinse & Repeat, until you get at least one step that feels like you could easily do that, and it feels good when you think about it. That is your inspired action, which will create momentum toward your desire.

You can, of course, continue to chunk it down, until it is all easily doable. That is the ideal.

Say you had 20 loads of laundry to wash and fold. Well, you can't wash them all in the same moment. You can only wash one load at a time. By simply remembering that, you chunk it down to something less overwhelming. Begin with one, then the next, then the next. Before you know it, you will find you have finished!

How It Works

Let me tell you a little story about my husband.

Many years ago, when we had just met, he told me how he had not been home to see his family in 2 years. It was obvious that this was was distressing to him.

So, I asked him a few simple questions: Erin What prevents you from going home? Ralph I would have to take time off work. Erin What prevents you from taking time off work? Ralph I would have to ask my boss for time off. Erin What prevents you from asking your boss for time off? Ralph Well, he might say no. Erin So, is that the worst that could happen, that he might say no? Or would your boss fire you for asking? Ralph No, I know he wouldn't fire me. He likes me. Erin So, The worst thing that could happen is that he might say no? Ralph Yes. Erin What if he did say no? Could you handle that? Ralph Yes. Erin You won't be any worse off than you are right now, right? Ralph No. Erin So, what prevents you from asking for time off work? Ralph Well, nothing, I guess...

So, he asked for the time off and not only did his boss give him 2 weeks off with pay, he also gave him a $200 holiday bonus!

At first, he was unable to move forward, because of his beliefs, of which he was not even aware. As I asked him questions, he saw how this impossible task was actually quite easy.

Through the questioning, I was able to find out what steps he believed had to take place and what he believed prevented him from getting what he wanted.

How many of us have said 'I want to ______, but I just can't. How many have even questioned the reasons behind our belief that it's not possible for us?

We all have beliefs that were formed when we were very young, that still affect our lives. As you chunk it down, often you will discover what these beliefs are and once aware, they are easily shifted because they are no longer valid.

This was a very simple example, but it was HUGE, for him. It changed how he looked at his life and what he believed he could do. The chunk it down process works the same regardless of how complicated the challenge. You just keep chunking it down, until you find what can be done.

So I know, from experience, that this process really works! If you resonate to it, it will probably work for you, too. Why not give it a shot?
What's the worst that can happen?
What's the best that can happen?
How would that feel?

I would love to hear about your experience with The Chunk It Down Process. Feel free to leave a comment in our guestbook, the community, or even drop me an email. Wishing you everything your heart desires!


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