The I Am Process

A Game Of Conscious Creation

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The I Am Process ~ A Game Of Conscious Creation
What Can You Create?
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The I Am Process

A Game Of Conscious Creation

By Erin Gjertsen
Borrowed from a talk by Jarrad Hewett

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As with everything on My Spirit, read through this and if it resonates as true for you, have fun and do it! If not, continue exploring until you find something that is right for you.

Years ago, I did something very similar to this, with nearly identical results. Coincidence? I don't think so. It really works and it's FUN! So, let's jump into conscious creation with a game I like to call The I Am Process. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper, and your imagination. It's FREE and it's FUN! What can you create???

The I Am Process is a game of conscious creation. You are going to create what you want, through intention, visualization, feeling, and of course, your imagination! You get to take the golden pen and write your own story in the book of reality of who you are. It doesn't matter where you have come from, or how you will get there. None of that matters. All that matters is that you have a desire. The Universe will take care of everything else!

The only tools you need for this conscious creation game are:

  • A Pen
  • A Piece Of Paper
  • Your Imagination

If you have a gold pen laying around, even better, but even a pencil will work, if you use your imagination.


Conscious Creation Instructions

Imagine whatever you are going to write with is a beautiful golden pen, maybe even with feathers, crystals, and glitter.

Make it the perfect golden pen for you. Taking your golden pen in hand, you are literally writing into existence what you want to create (Like in InkHeart when she writes the ending to the story).

Create a sheet with the words I AM ___________, all the way down the sheet.

Then, using your golden pen, fill in the sheet with all the things you want to create as you.
Or you can just write I AM whatever, and continue with a new I AM, with each desire.

Some examples:
I AM completely healed in all of my physical body.
I AM a number one international best selling author.
I AM loved by myself and by others.
I AM financially abundant.
I AM living in the home of my dreams.
I AM driving the car of my dreams.
I AM swimming with the dolphins in Hawaii.
I AM worthy and deserving of all of my heart's desires.
I AM x, y, z. Fill in the blanks

Once you have your list, read it every day for 10 days. As you read it, feel what it feels like to have those experiences of you in your life right now. You can also ask your guides, angels, or your favorite deity to assist you in creating your desires.

After 10 days, or whatever time frame feels good to you, just put your list somewhere safe and forget about it. No need to do anything more. Just know that the Universe answers EVERY time. There are no exceptions. That's all there is to it!

Jarrad's Experience - An Example

For Jarrad, he wrote I am a best selling author.
Then, he said that it's not good enough and changed it to:
I am a number one international best selling author.
Then he made a list of all the things that, consciously, he wanted to experience in his life.

For about 10 days, he would look over the list.
Every night, before he went to bed, he would read off his list, feeling into each one as he read them. That is, he felt the feeling of the experience, as if it were already in his life, right now. This is key to conscious creation. Ask any talented athlete. They all feel what it feels like, to be crossing that finish line, or sinking that game winning basket, now.

Jarrad added oomph to his desires, by consciously setting his intentions and asking the Universe to help him.
As Jarrad went to bed, he would say Universe, as I sleep, create this and more for me, so that I awake to my new reality tomorrow. Bring me further and further in tune and into alignment with all of the things that I am saying that I want to experience. Bring me the opportunities for the action made manifest through my own deeds.

Jarrad said he wrote the front of the page, the back of the page, and then along the sides, then crammed into the spaces between lines, because there was so much that he wanted to experience.

He said he felt some were really silly and far out. At some point, he folded the sheet up and stuck it away in a book, one of the first drafts of his book Love Life God.

He said about 4-5 years later, he wanted to give that book to someone, and the paper fell out. As he read over the sheet, he realized that he had created everything on the sheet in his reality.

My Experience

I know this has been mostly what Jarrad said about his experience, but I told you I had a very similar experience, with similar results.
The process I had been taught was about manifesting things. It called for 10 things on your list, rather than experiences. Some big, some small. Several years later, when I found my list, I had Everything on the list, except one. It was a pool table decorated with brass lion's heads on the legs. I understood why I did not have that one thing. It would have been like a boat anchor in my life. One item on my list was a home. That was probably my biggest dream, back then. The home showed up about 3-4 years after I made my list.

Another item was a ferry wheel, like a captain's steering wheel from a boat. I wanted one for my wall. I love the water... Anyway, my husband's best man gave one to us as a wedding gift! I asked my husband if he told the best man about my list. He said no. He just felt like I would like it... That one showed up about a year after I made my list.

That's all I remember of my list; 3 of 10 things. I think I read my list over 3 times and then put it away. Still, within 5 years, 9 out of 10 showed up! So, whether you want to create stuff, or want to create life experiences, I know from experience that this little conscious creation game really works! This particular game may not work for everyone, but if you resonate to it, it will probably work for you, too. Why not give it a shot. What's the worst that can happen? What's the best that can happen? How would that feel?

Some Notes On Conscious Creation

Do not censor yourself.
Allow yourself to dream of ALL the things you want to experience, regardless of whether you believe they are silly, or even possible for you.

Put some smaller, less important items on your list, too. It's really fun to find out that those purple polka dotted boxer shorts your mother gave you, last birthday, were on your I Am list.

The reason you want to use I Am, instead of I want, is because I want implies that you do not have it, yet, and that creates some resistance to having it. It's just one less hurdle to jump with the ego, saying you can't have that.

If you find yourself in resistance to I Am, you can change the I AM to I can imagine what it feels like to be loved by myself and others. The mind has a hard time arguing with I can imagine, because of course, you can!

Do not be tempted to dig out your list and check for your success. The point of the game is to allow for conscious creation. When you take score, you put the brakes on your creation. Both Jarrad and I found our lists, years later, while doing something else.

So, that's about it. Do this because you Want to, not because you should. Have FUN! Be child-like. Remember all the things you could put down on a wish list, when you were a kid? Remember what that was like, for a few moments, and you will be in the right frame of mind. Kids are awesome at this!


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