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About My Spirit

We are all on a sacred journey of rediscovery. Many are beginning to reawaken to the truth that we are all divine beings, meant to live joyful, happy, loving lives, every one of us, no exceptions. My spirit is about moving into unconditional love through the balancing of energies that hold us in a state of feeling separate from others. My Spirit is about feeling better about ourselves and our lives. And as we do that, we feel better about people, the world around us, and EVERYTHING is transformed.

We are in the midst of a time of great transition. For some, this may feel like relief and ease, a great expansion, and more freedom. For others, it may feel as if they have to run faster and faster, every day, just to stay where they are.

My Spirit is here, for everyone who feels drawn to it. There are keys for transformation, techniques for conscious creation, and tools for finding ease and grace. It is not meant to be a place for everyone. However, everyone Is welcome. If you find something that is helpful, it is our hope that not only will you use it, but that you will share My Spirit with other like minded souls who may also benefit from it.

Conscious Creation And The Power Of Belief

We are limitless beings, capable of creating anything we desire. So, why don't we always get what we want? Why does it seem that the Law of Attraction works sometimes, and not others?

The Law of Attraction does work, every time. It works whether you are concsiously aware of it, or not. It's not what you say that creates. It is the vibration that you hold around that subject; how you feel in your heart.

You might say you want abundance, but if you have old beliefs about money being bad-dirty-unspiritual, you are not in alignment with your desire. Likewise, your belief about what is possible for you. Do you feel worthy and deserving of your desire? Your beliefs can slow you down or speed you up...

When we are in alignment with our desire, we have no conflicting beliefs. Every bit of us says "yes" and our desire manifests smoothly, easily, and quickly.

My Spirit is made with love and, just like us, it is constantly changing. At My Spirit, you will find many places to explore. You can nurture your inner child, explore divination or inspirational stories. You can even learn about psychic gifts and practice enhancing some of them. Best of all, you will find many games, processes, and tools to help you to make personal shifts, whether you want to experience more abundance in your life, more happiness, joy, love, or success.