How To Cleanse And Seal Your Aura

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About The Aura

The aura is an energy field of light that surrounds our physical body. It is unique to us. Nobody has exactly the same aura as anyone else. Some auras are big and expansive. Others auras are tight and close to the body. The aura may be any number of colors and these colors can shift quickly, depending on our mood. You may have heard someone say 'she was pea green with envy', or 'he was seeing red'. One color is not better or worse. Each color represents what we have going on in our energy field. Your aura may be very different, today, than it was a year ago.

As we go about our day to day lives, we pick up energies everywhere we go. Someone explained it kind of like taking a journey down a dusty dirt road, wearing a long white coat. When we get where we are going, the coat is not as white as when we began our journey. It's nothing bad, it's just a little dust we picked up on our journey. So, to cleanse our nice white coat, we are going to use a simple visualization.

Visualization is just pretending. If you think you cannot visualize, I ask you to think of an orange. What color is the orange? Most likely, you saw an orange and the color. This is all visualization is. Imagination. So, play along and do the best you can. You cannot get it wrong. Your intention is the most important.


How To Cleanse & Seal Your Aura

A Simple Visualization

In your mind's eye, the best you can, picture your aura. It is a soft oval shaped globe of energy around your physical body. Now, imagine a big crystal pitcher of very beautiful liquid white light, just above your head. As the pitcher begins to tip over, the white liquid light pours in through the crown of your head and floods your entire being with the liquid white light of Source. Imagine the light moving gently through your entire physical body.

Anywhere there is any darkness, the energy is stagnant or blocked. It is a lower vibration, that's all. These are the spaces where we resist the light of love. Imagine the white light flowing through these spaces and as it does, it works kind of like a washing machine. The light transmutes these lower vibrations to divine love and washes any remnants of them away.

Allow this white light energy to cleanse not just your physical body, but your aura, as well. These areas of darkness are just lower vibrating energy. The cleansing releases those lower vibrations and now the energy flows more freely.

Now, imagine you have little flaps on the bottom of your feet. They open up and any extra white light and all the remains of the lower vibrations flow out of the bottoms of your feet and down into Mother Earth, where they are received with love and gratitude.

Now, imagine a pitcher of shiny golden light just above your head. As it begins to tip, this shiny golden light pours down through the crown of your head and fills your entire being. Imagine your aura being filled with this golden light. Anywhere you have an openings, gaps, or tears, in your aura, the light simply fills them, making the aura healthy and whole. The golden light also creates a seal, a kind of shiny mirror that reflects back to others any energies that are not in alignment with divine love. All energies that are aligned with divine love are free to move about your space. All energies that are not in alignment with divine love, must move on.

This entire cleansing process can be done in less than a minute, after you become familiar with it. It is a wonderful way to begin or end your day. It can be very helpful if you plan to be in a crowd and are sensitive to the energies of others.

This aura cleansing process is truly is about intention. You are directing your energy with your intention. I allow all energy. I intend that only energies that are in alignment with divine love have access to me and my aura. All others must move on to their right and perfect place. And so it is!


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