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Library Basics

Everything in the Library Of Wisdom was written with a particular view of the world. This is not everyone's view. This page is about sharing that view, to make it easier to understand and make use of the tools and games you find here.

These are not all encompassing, but the basic tenets of My Spirit and the Library of Wisdom in particular.


Basic Tenets

These are the basic tenets of My Spirit and The Library Of Wisdom. I do not ask you to believe them. I only present them as an aid to understanding the information you will find here. Take what resonates as your truth and leave all the rest alone. If you find yourself in strong disagreement with what you find here, I invite you to seek your information elsewhere. There are infinite paths in life and we must each follow our own heart.

  • Everything is energy.
  • We are eternal beings.
  • We have lived many lifetimes.
  • Happiness, joy, and well-being are our birthright.
  • Everyone is uniquely important to this world, no exceptions.
  • We are all part of that which people call God/Source/insert your deity here.
  • We are powerful creator beings.
  • We create our life experience through our habit of thought.
  • We create our life experience through directing our energy.
  • Our vibration is always changing.
  • Our vibration is a result of our habits of thought.
  • We attract into our experience things that vibrate similarly to our own vibration.
  • Everything we experience is a vibrational match to our dominant vibration.
  • We are all loved beyond words to describe.
  • From the perspective of non-physical, no one is better or worse than anyone else.
  • We are all just as important and just as loved as insert your favorite deity here.
  • We all have non-physical helpers, guides, and angels.
  • They may not interfere, but must be invited to assist.
  • We chose to be here on planet Earth at this time.
  • We chose our families because of the experiences they would provide for our expansion.
  • Our life purpose is joy. All the rest we get to choose.
  • From the perspective of non-physical, there are no mistakes or accidents.
  • From the perspective of non-physical, there is no right or wrong, nor good or evil.
  • The path to unconditional love is through the release of fear and judgement.
  • Everyone is right from their own perspective and experience.
  • Beliefs are just habits of thought; thoughts you have been thinking for some time.
  • When you ask, it is given, every time, no exceptions.
  • What we think about is attracted to us, whether it is a wanted thing, or not.
  • The longer we think about it, the closer it comes into our experience.
  • We are ALL worthy and deserving of everything our heart desires.
  • There is nothing we have to do. It is all choice.
  • You cannot get it wrong.

This is not to say that I live these 24/7. These are what I feel are truths, in my heart. My head sometimes gets in the way.


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