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Spirit Board, Witch Board, Ouija Board, Talking Board. These are all names for the same thing. A board for talking to spirits!

Ouija boards are considered a form of automatic writing, using letters and a pointing device, called a planchette. In one form or another, this planchette writing has been in use for about 900 years.

The idea is to place the fingers lightly upon the planchette, ask a question, and wait for a response (the movement of the Ouija's planchette).

Some say the answers come from the individuals. Others say the answers come from Spirit. Still, others say the answers come from demons. It may be that they are all right, depending upon the beliefs and state of mind of the individuals using the Ouija board.

Personally, I believe the Ouija board should be respected. We will match up with spirits that resonate to our current vibration. The happier you are, the higher your vibration. The higher your vibration, the higher the vibration of the spirit you will communicate with.

If you are going to use a spirit board and you want a good experience, you need to be in a very happy mood. If you are afraid of the board, I would definitely stay away. Nothing pleasant can come from a fearful state of mind.

Our Ouija board is called Spirit Board, and it is a computer program that answers your questions. However, I believe there are no coincidences in the Universe. If you are sincerely looking for an answer to a question, computer divination can give you valuable answers, if you believe. You can't get answers from Spirit, if you don't believe it's possible, computer generated or not.

So, get happy and have fun. If you enjoy My Spirit's Ouija board, we would love to hear about it! Please, leave your comments in our Guestbook!


My Spirit's Spirit Board Game
How To Play

Take a few deep breaths, and RELAX. Think of a question you would like the Ouija board to answer. Once you have the question in mind, type it into the question box and click the ASK button.

You should see the planchette begin to move on the Ouija board. It will not go anywhere until you have your hand on it, so just guide your mouse over to the planchette and follow it on the Spirit board. The planchette will hover over letters of numbers, one at a time, until the entire message is revealed. You can also read Your Message, just below the Ouija board. You can reset your game at any time, by pressing the Clear button, just above the Ouija board.

One more thing... If you do not enter your question in the box, you will only get something like "speak to me", or "I am here", or "I await", etc. We do not record, or keep track, of any questions. It is only used by the Spirit board to understand your question.
Also, our Spirit Board only speaks English. It also does not understand texting...yet. Please, use complete English words. Ok?


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