Mr. Entwinkle's Magic Card Mind Reader

How Does He Do It?

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The Amazing Mr. Entwinkle is a very good friend of mine. He is a purrfectly wonderful little gentleman, with extraordinary talents! Just like me, Mr. Entwinkle is psychic. He is a born mind reader!

Just scroll down the page to find out. If you follow the simple instructions, Mr. Entwinkle will read YOUR mind! You just answer a couple of questions and he will reveal all!

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Amazing Psychic FUN
The Amazing Mr. Entwinkle's Mind Reader

Basic Instructions:
Pick a number, any number, between 1 and 63. Now, remember that secret number.

Look at the 6 magic cards on this page. If your secret number is on card A, check the box that says Card A. If your secret number is on Card B, do the same. Do this, for all 6 cards.

When you have gone over all 6 magic cards, click the button that says Read My Mind and Mr. Entwinkle will magically reveal your secret number!

If you want to try it again, just press the Reset button.


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