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This is where you can come, anytime, to find out what the current Moon phase is! What can you do with this information?
Well, in magic, the Moon is very important. The Moon governs water. Water is what makes up most of our world. The ocean, rivers, and streams, even our bodies are mostly water.

So, when the Moon is spinning around in its orbit, it has a direct effect on planet Earth! The amount of Sun reflected off the Moon, or Moon phase, is a sign for timing of events or good times to do particular things. Man has been using the Moon phases for as long back as there has been recorded history.

The Moon has been used for the timing of going to war, signing peace agreements, getting married, coronations, planting crops, harvesting crops, fishermen even calculate when the fishing will be good by the Moon.

So, this page is for anyone who would like to know just what phase of the Moon it is. When the Moon is waxing, it is said to be growing. This is from the New Moon phase, up to the Full Moon. From the time of the Full Moon, until the New Moon, is called the Waning Moon. This is when the Moon looks like it is disappearing.

In general, the waxing phase is for beginning new projects, anything that you would like to see grow. The waning phase is for finishing up, for harvesting, and for planning. If you want your hair to grow more quickly, cut it during the waxing phase. If you want to keep the weeds to a minimum, pull them during the waning phase. You see?

From here, on Earth, the Moon also appears to travel through the entire Zodiac, once a month. And each zodiac sign is in energetic harmony with certain things. We'll talk more about that later.
For now, enjoy ~

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Current Moon Phase USA

Current Time and Date:   Thursday 18th April 2024 07:07:32 PM CDT

Below, is how the Moon looks today, from the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres.

The Current Moon Phase:

Current Moon Phase In The USA Image

Current Moon Phase In The Southern Hemisphere Image



The current Moon phase in the USA is:  79% Waxing Gibbous

The current Moon is 79% Illuminated.

The Moon is 10.274722950697 days old.



Moon phases in the USA for the next month:

Full Moon Last Qtr New Moon First Qtr
Tue Apr 23 Wed May 01 Tue May 07 Wed May 15


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