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Witchy Wonders
Witchy Wonders

I love practicing my psychic skills, don't you? It is sooo much FUN!

How would you like to have your mind read?? This is a different kind of Mind reader, probably, different than any you have seen before.

Unlike ESP tests where you guess what card the computer chose, you choose a card and The All Seeing Eye will read your mind and tell you what card you chose! Right here, right now! It doesn't matter what time of day you want to test it, I have my All Seeing Eye ready and waiting for you!


Amazing Psychic Fun
Witchy's All Seeing Eye Mind Reader

While cleaning the shelves in the scriptorium, I accidentally bumped up against a corbel. It moved to the side and a hidden door was revealed. Inside, I found some very old texts, from ancient Egypt. They spoke of the All Seeing Eye and the myriad of ways that it could be used.

Well, it took some time, but I tried a few of the spells, and Voila, some of them worked! One of these, was as a mind reader! So, I thought it might be fun to try it out, here, at My Spirit. If you are game, The All Seeing Eye is ready, too!

To begin, we need to set the psychic vibrations, so that Witchy's All Seeing Eye can connect with you and read your mind.

So, if you are ready, please, choose one of the following 3 pyramid images:


Just click on one of the pyramids to open the psychic connection to The All Seeing Eye!

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