The Secret Of Life

It's Simple, But Not Always Easy

By Erin Gjertsen

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The Secret Of Life
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Secret Of Life

There is a movie called "City Slickers" that has a scene about the Secret Of Life. In 'City Slickers' some city boys, going through mid-life crisis' decide to go to a dude ranch to become real cowboys. Jack Palance plays a crusty old cowboy, 'Curly', who teaches Mitch Robbins about the secret of life.

"Do you know what the secret of life is?", Curly asks Mitch.
"No what?"
It's this", Curly says, holding up a gloved index finger.
"Your finger?"
"No. It's one thing. Just one thing. You stick to that and everythin' else don't mean shee-it".
"That's great, but what's the one thing?"
"That's what you've gotta figure out."

I love that because, for me, that is truth. Each one of us has both the lock and the key to the secret of life, but it is unique to us. What works for one does not work for all... We have to discover it for ourselves. Which leads me to a story about the Secret of Life. While not any truer than City Slickers, it holds within a similar message of truth.

The Secret Of Life

When the world was being created, God wanted to make sure that people could find the Secret Of Life. God asked all the angels to help God decide where to put it.

"Put it at the center of the Earth", said one angel.

"Put it deep in a volcano", said another.

"Put it at the bottom of the ocean", said another angel.

If I put The Secret Of Life in any of those places, people will never find it.

"I know", said another angel. "Put it in their heart. Then, they will always have it."

God said "Yes, put it in their heart. That is the best idea!"

So, God put The Secret Of Life in each of our hearts. Every person holds the Secret Of Life within them. All they have to do is look into their own heart to discover their heart's desire. That is the Secret Of Life. Your Heart's Desire.

Take Away

It's not your mom's wish for you, nor your dad's, but what your own heart desires and has always known. The person that discovers that and follows that desire is more successful than the wealthiest people on the planet.

So, for any of you that missed it, I found a tidbit from City Slickers, at youtube, where Mitch & Curly are having this very important discussion about the Secret of Life. It is just over 3 minutes long.

And for any that just want to go up there and watch, you can do that at: you click on this link, you will be leaving My Spirit. The link opens a new window or tab.

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