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Confucious Say Oriental Wisdom
Confucious Say Oriental Wisdom
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Confucius Say

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Confucius was an ancient Chinese philosopher. Over time, his philosophy also became a religion. Throughout history, Confucius is widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals in shaping the lives of humanity. His teaching and philosophy greatly impacted people around the world and still remain in today's society.

Welcome To Confucius Say!

Confucius Say is a fun little Fortune Teller Oracle. Some, not all, of the fortunes are attributed to Confucius. Some fortunes will predict events. Others will be quotations that may enlighten your current situation.
To get your fortune, just click on the button below Confucius, Ok?

Confucius Say Telling Fortune
Confucius Say Fortune Teller

Your Fortune For Today:Confucius Fortune Teller - Confucius Chinese Lettering

Confucius Say:
A good time to finish up old tasks.


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