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Witchy Wonders
Witchy Wonders

As you probably know, already, Mr. Entwinkle and I just love to have fun! We have Easter Egg hunts all the time, just because it's like hunting for buried treasure. You never know what you will find, or where they will be. Maybe you already found an egg and you want to know more about what they are and more about our Easter Egg hunts?

Easter eggs can be found all over the island and if you find an Egg, something special is sure to happen. You may win a prize, or go to a hidden spot on My Spirit. When you see Witchy Wonders, Mr Entwinkle, or an Easter Egg, you know that magic is afoot.

Hunt For The 5 Keys Of Transformation

Mr. Entwinkle
Mr. Entwinkle

Easter Eggs are not all egg-shaped either. My Spirit has an ongoing hunt for the 5 Keys Of Transformation. There is one special key in every area of the island. Once you collect all 5, magic happens!

What kind of magic?
Well, you will go to a special page where you will be celebrated. Then, you will need to visit with Monty 'Toad' Hall. He will let you spin The Wheel Of Fortuna! You may win an excellent prize, or you might get 'Zonked'. Prizes may vary from visiting hidden pages, to free sessions, to free downloads, to Zonk pages, which are just silly.

To get you started, there is one Key Of Transformation on this page. It is in plain site. Just click it, to add it to your treasure chest. You don't need to look any further in The Playground for keys. Then, keep visiting pages in the other areas of My Spirit until you have found all 5 keys!

A Couple Of Notes


Trouble Shooting

There may be issues with your particular mobile device. Please do contact us with the specifics of your challenge and we will do our best to find a solution as quickly as possible.  


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