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Mr. Entwinkle

This is THE game I played, when I was a kid, that showed me how intuitive I am. Many times, I would see sparkles on the correct match or I just KNEW. It was always FUN!

I highly recommend the Concentration Game for anyone wanting to hone their intuitive skills, develop their ESP, sharpen their memory, or just to have a little fun. Besides, it can be addictive! If you enjoy Solitaire, you will probably enjoy My Spirit's Concentration Game.
~Have FUN!



My Spirit's Concentration Game

How To Play Concentration:
1 - Click on the "Start Button", to fill the playing field with cards. A timer will begin, just next to the start button. At any time, you can restart the game by clicking on the start button, again.

2 - Click on any card and it will turn over. Click on any other card, to try to find an identical match. If it is not a match, the cards will turn back over. If it is a match, they will stay face up!

3 - Then, just make your matches, as quickly as possible. When you are finished, the timer will stop.

If you want to play again, just click on the start button to reset the Concentration cards and timer. See how quickly you can get the cards all matched up!

NOTE: If you want to work on your intuition or ESP, forget all about the timer and just listen to your inner voice. See how many matches you can make, the first time!



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My Spirit's Concentration Game is based the work of Stephen Chapman and is for entertainment only. My Spirit's Concentration Game © Erin Gjertsen 2014-2024

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