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Erin Gjertsen

I hope to be able to share a little about who I am and what My Spirit is all about. Please, read what you like and leave all the rest.

I am Erin Gjertsen, the voice behind My Spirit. Very early in life I hungered to understand, not the labels that I allowed others to place on me, but the truth of who I am and why I am here.

Way back in 1986, I was attuned to Reiki energy and miraculously cured of an 'incurable' injury in just a few minutes. This made me really curious about human potential and I began exploring with teachers like Denis Waitley and Tony Robins. I went firewalking, twice, and what I learned was how each of us can have very limiting beliefs about what is possible for us, and how I was limiting myself by my own beliefs. Today, I believe anything is possible, if we believe it is so.

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In 1996, I had a physical store and began offering items in my online shop around 1999. By 2007, I knew I wanted something more; Something that truly fed my soul. Around this same time, I was attuned to Reiki energy, again, and had a "soul clearing". This shifted my energy tremendously.

I had always been an empath, intuitive, and had prophetic dreams, but this really opened me up to so much more. I began to study the process of soul clearing and within days, I was hearing my own inner guidance. My guides were loving and eager to answer my questions about life and spirituality. I learned so many things from them. Things that countered what I had been taught about our world. Yet, it all rang true for me.

There wasn't a whole lot of information about channelling available at that time and I quickly found myself in over my head. I was communicating with more than just my guides and I didn't understand how to tell the difference. I would be working with my guides and, suddenly, I would find that I was talking to someone 'else'. It frightened me and so I shut it all down.

I still talked 'at' my guides, but I no longer heard them in the same way. I told them I wanted a real live 3D teacher who could help me farther down my path. That is when I became aware of Esther Hicks and Abraham. Abraham taught the same basic truths my own guides had given me. Abraham became my guiding light for the next few years, while I sorted through my self doubt and fear.

2009-2019 ~ I opened back up to my guides. It has been a long process; learning to trust myself again and that there is nothing to fear. It has also been a wonderful revealing journey; peeling away the layers of who I thought I was and re-discovering the truth. I am wonderful, just as I am. There is nothing broken. There is nothing to be fixed. I also rediscovered that I am truly the captain of my own ship. I get to decide what I want to do, be, and have. We know this coming in, but most of us forget. Often, it is trained out of us by well meaning 'grownups' when we are very small children. We knew this would happen and it was part of our divine plan.

I invite you to explore My Spirit and visit any page you feel guided to. Listen to your heart. It will never steer you wrong. Take what resonates as truth for you and leave all the rest. If you enjoy My Spirit, I would love to hear about it!

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen  

I believe in magic, miracles, the law of attraction, Win-Win, that there are always choices, that anything is possible, and that every situation has an opportunity.

We all have unique paths to walk in this life and all are valid. Nobody outside of ourselves can possibly know what is right for us, or what we came into this life to experience. That is something that we must re-discover for ourselves.

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My Spirit began as Grandpa's General Store in Sparta, Wisconsin, 1996, as a brick and mortar emporium with antiques, unique gifts, toys, snacks, and 10 cent fresh hot popcorn. In 1998, we added metaphysical books and sidelines to our store. In 1999, I built my first website. In 2000, we became GrandpasGeneral.com, providing products and free metaphysical information for spiritual seekers. In 2007, I closed the store, but left the information online. In 2010, I built My Spirit feeling a call to move in a new direction.

My Spirit is a work of Love.
It is here to provide whatever bit of wisdom you have been looking for to take you in the direction that you have been wanting to go. My Spirit is here to help those who may have been feeling stuck, or afraid, to move forward feeling more ease and grace.
My Spirit's purpose is also about FUN and creating a delightful, whimsical, world where visitors feel not just comfortable, but uplifted by their experience.

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