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Please, note: All intuitive readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Erin Moir Gjertsen
Erin Moir Gjertsen

If you could hear your angels speak to you, what would they say?

Have you ever felt you were standing at a fork in the road and you wondered...If I could just see a little bit into the future I would know which way to go?

Have you even been so fearful of taking the wrong path that you got stuck at that fork, unable to move forward?

Well, helping people get unstuck is part of what I do! I deliver loving messages from your angels to answer your most pressing questions about 🏡 life, 💞 love, and 💼 career.

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Everyone has designated angels that are here to help them on this journey we call life. Angels are the messengers of Spirit. They are non-denominational. That is, they do not belong to any specific religion. They are always very loving, kind, patient, and they do not judge. Some angels are with you, your entire lifetime, and they have been lovingly waiting for you to open up to their messages or ask them for assistance.

Your angels are patiently waiting to help you. They are eager to provide guidance for all areas of your life, for the highest good of all.

Angels can help you in infinite ways, but you have to ask them to help. Angels cannot interfere in your life, unless you ask them or there is some life threatening situation.


So, What Is An Angel Reading? +

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There are probably as many types of Angels Readings, as there are Angel Intuitives or Angel Card Readers. We all use our gifts in varied and unique ways. So, these are the basics of how I conduct Angel Readings:

You have a burning question that you want answered. I open up a channel to communicate with your angels. I deliver loving messages from your angels and guides to the very best of my ability. I may use angel cards, a crystal pendulum, or I may just tune in, to receive loving messages from your angels. I translate this into words that you can understand and resonate with.

I am clairvoyant (clear seeing), clairaudient (clear hearing), and clairsentient (clear feeling); meaning that I receive images, sounds, and feelings, as a form of communication from Spirit.

I begin every angel reading with a prayer, asking for assistance from my angels, and several Archangels, to support me and help me to translate your angels messages in such a way that they resonate with you, are helpful, bring you clarity, understanding, and comfort around your question.

Then, I tune into your angels and ask your question.

I do the readings in a respectful manner without judgment or criticism. Everyone is welcome. I work with people of all backgrounds, colors, and religious beliefs. I do require the client to be over 18 years old, unless a parent or guardian purchases the reading for them.

You can get an angel reading to discover what your angels and guides want you to understand about any situation!

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As I begin to receive messages from your angels, I begin to write what I am receiving. It is a channeling, of sorts, rather than a "reading". It is about what I see, hear, and feel and how it all fits in with your question. Everything that takes place during a reading, even the UPS man knocking at the door, has meaning.

I might use other intuitive tools, to confirm or clarify some aspect of the reading, as well. My intent is always to give you the most clarity possible. I don't stop until I am certain this is what your angels want you to know and understand around your special question.

All the communications I receive are divinely guided messages from Spirit, to help you with any life challenge. Your angels want to be of assistance to you! No question is unimportant or silly, and no task is too big or too small. It is part of their spiritual path and divine purpose to be of service to you. Your angels messages are always loving, and gentle. They are never critical or judgemental. They see with the eyes of Source, who does not judge and only wants us to be joyful and happy.

Your personal angel reading is printed out into a pdf e-book file, with images from any individual cards that are used, and my interpretation. Any messages or insights I receive are included. I also record the reading as an mp3 audio file. When your personal angel reading is complete, I send you links to download the files.

Email follow-up is also included in the price of the reading. If you find you are confused or need clarity around something in the reading, you can send me an email asking for clarification.



What Kind Of Questions Can The Angels Answer? +

Your angels are here to help you, guide you, and encourage you along life's path. They are happy and eager to answer any of your questions! They will lovingly answer questions about love, romance, finances, home, family, job, business, career, spiritual path, life purpose, even which of 2 cars you would enjoy most!

Here are some example questions:

  • When will our home sell?
  • Is the job I interviewed for right for me?
  • I want to quit my job and start my own business, but I am afraid I won't be able to pay my bills. Will I be successful?
  • I met someone and it feels like magic! Are they right for me?
  • I have been looking for a new job for awhile. Will I find a job soon?
  • I am not sure if I am on the right path. What spiritual guidance do my angels have for me?
  • And More!

Your angels can answer all these questions, and their messages are always loving and kind!

Are there any questions I won't answer?

Are there any questions I won't answer? Yes.
I am not comfortable with "Is he/she cheating on me?". It is a very disempowering question. Besides, you already know, in your heart, the answer to this question. So, maybe you really want to ask something else, like "can this relationship be saved?" or "Does he/she still love me?"

FYI: All readings are confidential. I do not share what is revealed in a reading unless you give me express permission to share it with others.


Helpful Tips For Your Angel Reading +

State Your Question In The Positive

There is no "no" in the universe, only yes. When you say, "how can I get rid of this thing I don't want", you are attracting more of what you don't want. What do you actually want? Try flipping the question and say "how can I get more of this, this thing that I DO want?"


One teacher of mine used to say Ask a vague question, get a vague answer.
Although your angels know what is in your heart, you want to be concious of what your desire really is. Get clear on what you want to know, then ask your question. A question that is clear, and heart felt, will make your angel reading much more satisfying.

For example: You might want to step out and share your own spiritual gifts with the world, but you are afraid. What are you afraid of? Other people's opinions? Not being able to pay your bills? Failure? When you have clear and specific desire, your angels can give you better advice and guidance.

Or maybe you feel stuck and don't know what is holding you back. Your angels can help you to discover what prevents you from moving forward. Just gaining awareness can help you to release any blocks and create momentum towards your desire.

So be as clear and specific as you can about what you desire to learn from your angels.

Nothing Is Carved In Stone

Although your angels, being of Spirit, can see farther down the road than you can, you also have free will. Your angels will tell you what direction your life is taking you, right now, if you do nothing different. ANYTHING is possible! So, if the messages you receive from your angels are not what you hoped, you only need to turn in a new direction to change the potential outcome.

Relationship Questions

I do not read, specifically, about other people without their permission. However, I can certainly ask your angels what you need to know and understand about a personal relationship. This may give you insights into the direction things are going, or how you might be able to smooth out any creases.

Please, do include the other person's first name, and the nature of the relationship, with your question.


A Little About Erin +

Erin Moir Gjertsen

Erin has been intuitive her whole life, being an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. She began studying human potential, in the mid 1980s, with people like Tony Robbins (Certified in NAC), Denis Waitley, Earl Nightingale, Richard Bandler, and John Grinder. The late 1990s brought lots of questions about life, death, and spirituality.

The 2000s brought about a spiritual awakening, when Erin began directly communicating with her guides and angels. They revealed many truths about how the world really works; what some call "magic". They told her that angels and guides are not "better" than humans; that we are all equal. It is just that the angels and guides have a non-physical perspective and they are more allowing of well-being. So, they see the world differently and are able to do what humans consider the impossible, or "miracles".

Erin has studied many energy healing modalities and intuitive techniques, including Theta Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy, Soul Realignment, Soul Coaching, feng shui, crystal and chakra healing, property clearing, and more.

Erin is a Certified: Angel Intuitive, Angel Card reader, Crystal Energy Healer, and Spirit Guide Coach. She has also studied and been certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in both Usui and Kundalini Reiki.



Thanks And Testimonials +

Read comments about Erin Gjertsen from real people, just like you!


Pooja A&'s Avatar
If you ever consider getting a reading - my recommendation is for Erin Moir Gjertsen. My sincere thanks to her .🥰 She recently gave me an amazing reading . She gave a voice note as well as the pdf - everytime I hear the voice note it brings so much clarity into my situation. It's almost like she channeled the angels 💖 🙏 🙏 🙏
~Pooja A


Audrey Wu's Avatar
I'm blessed to have a well organized, thorough, detailed and spot-on tarot reading from Erin. It's an online reading but the mp3 audio she included made the entire process amazing- feels like she's right there being with you. She's warm and thoughtful and I'm so grateful to work with her.
~ Audrey Wu, Redmond, Washington, USA


A Buchanan's Avatar
Just thought I'd let you know, I am *extremely* pleased with my order and will definitely be ordering more products from you in the future!
~ A. Buchanan


So, What Can You Expect From Your Angel Reading?

You can expect to gain clarity and understanding around whatever you asked about. Your angels will pull back the veil, the fog will lift, and you will see much more clearly, the situation in question.

This is a no judgment zone. I am here, to assist you to gain clarity and understanding around your question in a safe and comfortable way. The messages I receive will be about what is most important in your heart at the moment. If you ask about a job, but in your heart you are more concerned with romance, your reading is going to reflect that.

When you purchase an Angel Reading from me, you will receive 2 confirmation emails. One will be from Stripe (the payment processor). The other will be from me, personally, asking for your question. I will need you to reply with your question. Please, allow up to 3 business days, for the reading to be complete. Often, it will be done, sooner. It just depends on how many readings are being done at that time and how complex the question.

When your personal angel reading is complete, you will receive an email with download links for a pdf and mp3 file of the reading.

Included in the Angel Reading price, is email follow up. You may send an email asking for clarity about anything that you don't understand in the reading. This service is for the original question, only. You may not ask additional questions without booking a new reading.

FYI: All readings are confidential. I do not share what is revealed in a reading unless you give me express permission to share it with others. Also, I do NOT automatically add you to our newsletter list. If you would like a free subscription, you will need to sign up to receive our Mystical Insights newsletter.

As with everything else on My Spirit, listen to your heart. Your heart will tell you if an angel reading is right for you. If it is, you may purchase a reading below.

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