Why Are We Here?

What is the ? I believe that we are here, to have fun, be joyous, and ! Earth is supposed to be like a great big amusement park, only with a twist. Not everything here is pleasant to us, and that is as it was intended. It is up to us, to pick and choose what rides we would like to go on.

We aren’t meant to tear down all the rides we don’t like, just to ignore them and turn our attention to the better feeling ride. The rides we don’t like serve a purpose, too. The whole point of our being, is to expand. Every experience we have, bad feeling or good feeling, is expanding. We are part of Source Energy-God-Universe-All That Is, and our being here allows that energy to expand, to become more.

We cannot become less, ever, and we will never finish expanding. We are love and loved, beyond measure. There is nothing that we must do, to be . Just by showing up, we already did more than we needed to. It is up to us to decide what we would like to do, once we get here. If all we did was sit in a recliner, our entire life, it would be MORE than enough.


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