My Experience With Abraham

Erin Moir Gjertsen

I had seen the name , for many years, and thought the teachings of were about the biblical . That did not interest me, so I never looked further.

The reason I became interested in this Abraham, is that I began hearing my own inner guidance. I knew that what they were saying was my truth, so I wrote down much of what we discussed and their teachings. However, I became confused about some things and asked for a live teacher who could clarify what I was receiving. Months later, I saw The Secret, , and heard about Abraham. I became curious and soon realized that my inner being had been trying to hook me up with for many years…

Abraham echoed so many of the teachings I received from my own guidance, that I knew Esther and Abraham were the teachers I sought. It has been a wonderful journey that is never ending and every day just gets better and better!


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