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Erin Moir Gjertsen

Erin Moir Gjertsen


Below, you will find my current copyright permissions. These include permission for use of my images, videos, and articles. Please note, each is slightly different.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me for clarification! ♥


I reserve all rights to my articles, images, videos, audios, regardless of how you use them.

Permissions For Images

MOST of the images on this site are available for you to use on your web site. You may use them on personal web sites AND-OR you may use them on a site that sells items or services, as long as you attribute them to me and do not sell them.

You MUST download the picture to your hard drive and upload it, to your website. Hot linking is not available.

The images available are listed, below. If the image you wish to use, is not listed here, please contact me, explaining in detail, how you wish to use the image.


“Pic Title” © Erin Gjertsen

Pic Title, is obviously whatever I am calling the picture. NOTE: it is, not .com or .org.
You can copy & paste the code, below, into your web page.


“Pic Title” © Erin Gjertsen <a href=””></a>

If, you will be using it for print and you cannot link to my spirit, then please attribute:

Pic Title © Erin Gjertsen-

You don’t even need to tell me you are using the image, as long as you link, but that would be nice ;) . Thanks!


Permissions For Video

You can embed my public videos on your site. Just find them on YouTube and embed them on your page. If you don’t have a YouTube account, just go here, and do a search for MySpiritErin and any videos we have should pop-up.

“Video Courtesy of”

on the page, would be sweet, but is not necessary. We would love to know that you are linking, too!


Permissions For Articles

You may reprint any article, located in the public area, on as long as you are not selling the information. The articles must remain unchanged AND the following must appear at the bottom of the the article, with a live link to

Article Title © Erin Gjertsen
Erin Gjertsen is an empowerment coach, intuitive reader, & Reiki master-teacher, who loves showing others how to create the life they desire through the power of thought. For more information, visit her website at

Please replace “article title” with the name of the article. You may reformat the article to style it for your site, but the words may not be altered.

Other Permissions

E-classes, podcasts, webinars, & e-books are not available, at this time.
If you wish to use something not listed here, please contact me with details. Also, I reserve the right to change, or revoke, these permissions at any time. Thanks!

Love and Peace,
Erin Gjertsen

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