Are We Ascending?

Heaven Sent-Love Is All There Is

There is a lot of talk about spiritual , right now. Much of it implies that once the is complete, we will be complete. Hurry up and finish waking up before the new Earth is here, if we want to live in on Earth, the 5th-6th dimension….

This whole ‘hurry up’ idea just does not make sense to me and the anxiety felt, when you consider missing out, is your own inner being telling you it is not so. First, we are part of Source Energy, and as such, we will never be complete. Second, everything is in , depending on your alignment. You will never find that, somehow, you have . There will always be another and another and another. There is nothing that you must do, or be damned; left here in the 4th dimension to live with chaos for the next thousand years. That is all fear based and by definition, not of Source.

So, are we ascending? Yes.
We are moving into a vibrational reality that allows for us to know the truth of who we really are, while still remaining here on Earth.

Is there something you must do? No.
Even if you were not aware of it, your would continue to raise. It is not possible to remain on Earth, at this time, without a continuous rise in .

Are some going to ascend and others not? No. All will ascend, in divine timing. Nobody is going to be left out, because we are all part of the whole. This includes all those that our society condemns for various reasons. God-Source-All That Is does not take sides or judge. We are all loved and deserving. Everyone is going.

Will we be complete – finished? No.
Not ever.


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