11:11 Synchronicity & Coincidence
Most anyone who knows me at all, knows I love . I see 11s everywhere, all day long. Look at the clock, it says 7:11, look at the microwave, it says 1:11, look at the mobile air card, it says 23:11, look at WordPress, it says 111 words. On November 11, 2007, I began a membership with lightworkers.org. On November 11, 2011, I found an interesting little social network called chime.in. One day, I looked back through e-mail I had sent and received over the past several years. From my perspective, the most important and telling emails regarding my current path, are marked with an 11 in the date, or time.

In 2008, we sold our home. We decided to purchase a motor home and go on the road to find the next right place, all because of a I had. When we went to register the RV, I told my husband we would know whether it was the right decision, by the license plate. Well, we got license plates that added to 11 11. There were two letters e and f, being the 5th and 6th letters = 11. Then, there were 4 that =11. I just loved the ! It has been noticeably 1111, since about 2007.

After 3 years on the road, we finally found a property in Colorado. I put off opening a local bank account, because I already had 3, and I did not want to pay for another if we could use our existing accounts. I figured the right thing would show up at the right time.

My husband did some work, locally, and sent a bill. He was very specific(on the bill and in voice) that the check be made out in his name, since we did not have a company bank account yet. He, of course received payment in the company name. So he tried cashing it at the maker’s bank and they said they could not. I gave him copies of the sales tax license, and my driver’s license, and they still could not. They said if we wanted to cash it or start an account, that I would need to be present.

It was 20 minutes before we were scheduled to open for the day, when I got such an impulse that I should go ahead and open an account, NOW. So, we went down to the bank and we found out that business checking was FREE. I said we had looked at the bank’s brochure when we moved here and it said there was a monthly fee, etc. The new accounts manager said the bank just merged with another bank and now were offering free accounts!

She asked what number I would like the checks to begin with and I laughingly said 1111. She asked if there was a reason why and I said that I just loved 11s. She said, “if you will notice, your bank account ends with an 11″. I thought great! :) This was the right move. We finished in record time. We were back at the store by 5 minutes to opening. That means we got into our truck, drove to the bank, opened the account, waited while she typed up the cards, signed papers(after she explained disclosures), got back in our truck and drove back to our store, all in 15 minutes! Granted, the bank is only about 1/4 mile from us, but this was time bending!

When I got back to the shop, I looked at the temporary checks the bank gave us. The account number was unusual. It had a couple of numbers, and a bunch of zeros with an 11 at the end, but that was not what blew my mind away. I looked over at the bank routing number and the last four digits were 1111.
Needless to say, I felt that this was the perfect timing and the perfect bank for us!

Many people would say that this was all and, from their perspective, they would be right. My view says there are no coincidences, just sign posts (like recurring numbers), called synchronicity. ;)


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  1. I, too have experienced the same phenomena and was told I am a lightworker.

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