Tarot Readings ~ How I Work

Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

I give using the cards as a tool to connect to my higher self. Some people call these Readings, but I prefer Intuitive Readings. It sounds less woohoo, out there. ;)

How Does It Work?

You place an order for a tarot reading. I send you a confirmation and ask you to reply with your question. If you need help in forming your question, I am happy to assist. :) Your reading is usually ready within 3 days of my receipt of your question. I send the detailed reading to you via e-mail. If there is something that you do not understand, you can always ask for clarification. This does not mean you may ask a different question. It means you may ask for clarity the answer given. ;)

Because this is an intuitive reading, the reading may differ from other tarot readings you have had in the past. I use the cards to connect to my higher self and I receive pictures, thoughts, words, and-or inner knowing about the question. Sometimes, the messages I receive may be different than the definitions one might find in a book on the tarot. What is important is how the answer resonates with you. My desire is to present you with clarity in an area that may have seemed foggy or blocked, giving you insight to what your heart desires.

Please, read the section on how to get the most out of your tarot reading, before placing an order.

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