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Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

It is my belief that we were born connected to our own higher self, knowing what choices would be good for us. As small children, we were taught to doubt our own inner knowing and listen to the experience of our elders or authority.

cards are a way for us to reconnect with , that inner knowing, through the meanings we give to the images on the cards.

My Spirit Tarot

In a normal tarot card reading, a question is asked. The tarot cards are picked, or dealt. The card meanings are then interpreted, based on the question,  the meaning of the cards, their placement, and where they are located in proximity to other cards.

I usually receive visual impressions, inner knowing, words and-or thoughts the questions. Clairaudience is my most active sense, with clairvoyance right behind. As an intuitive reader, I give an answer based on my own intuitive guidance, as well as some, or all, of the above, depending on the individual reading.

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