What Is A Reiki Session Like?

Reiki Energy Healing

What is a Reiki session like?

If you are with me, in person,  I would ask you to sit down in a comfortable chair and tell me why you have come. There might be soothing music playing in the background and/or the scent of a relaxing aromatherapy oil.  I would ask you if you are comfortable with me placing my hands on your shoulders, or if you would prefer not to be touched. Regardless of your choice, you always remain fully clothed.  I would next offer a prayer, asking my guides and angels to join us, and for the session to be for the highest good of All. I begin flowing Kundalini Reiki until it stops, by itself. This is normally about 3-5 minutes, but you may continue to feel it flowing for about 20-30 minutes. You might feel like talking or you might just like to enjoy the energy.  Reiki feels wonderful. You might even feel a little light headed after the session.  I would offer you a drink of water, just to help you to “ground” your energy and bring you back to full alertness.  That is pretty much how it goes.

Reiki is a very gentle and relaxing energy.  Some people will be very aware of the energy, some people will just feel a sense of well-being come over them. Others, feel nothing at all. Does this mean the Reiki did not work? NO. Not everyone is sensitive to these energies. For instance: Someone who has worked in a very industrial or harsh type environment, may have tuned out their sensitivity to energy, so that they could do this type of job and feel less stress. Each person’s experience will be quite different, but Reiki is divine loving energy. It can do no harm and is never painful. Many people actually fall asleep during sessions.

How Does A Long Distance Healing Session Work?

When you order a long distance Kundalini Reiki session with me, we will schedule a time for your session. This is the time that you wish to receive the Reiki. It can be anytime that is convenient to you. You can even be asleep. I will contact you to confirm this information. I will also give you suggestions for getting the most out of the Reiki session. When it is time for the session, I will go into a meditative state and begin to flow Kundalini Reiki to you. You will receive the Reiki at the appointed day and time. If you have been noticing the energy, you will probably notice it slowing down and stopping after about 20-30 minutes.

Does a long distance session work as well as in person?

Some say it actually works better. It really depends on your beliefs.

I will say this. Time and space are constructs of human. Saying that distance healing cannot work or is not as good, because you are far away, is like saying that God cannot hear you because you are in Italy and God is in Colorado. Reiki is Divine God-Source-Universal energy which is everywhere and is unlimited by space or time.

Generally, you will get the most out of long distance Reiki healing, if you will arrange a time where you will be undisturbed for the session. This will allow you to tune into the Kundalini Reiki energy that is being sent. This can be very helpful on a mental and emotional level. Because you can feel it, you tend to allow more well-being. However, regardless of whether you are tuning in, whether you feel anything, or not, the Reiki will still be flowing to you. All you have to do, is be open to allowing it!

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