Reiki Healing ~ FAQ

Reiki Energy Healing

Does Reiki Hurt?

No, in 30+ years of my knowledge of Reiki, I have never heard of anyone feeling pain from a Reiki healing session. Reiki is a conscious divine loving energy and works in a way that is beneficial to the recipient, never doing more than the recipient can tolerate comfortably. When I give Reiki, it is part of my opening prayer that the session be in the highest good of all and the energy be given in a manner that provides the highest level of comfort, spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally. However, I always recommend drinking extra water after a session, to aid the body in releasing and finding its balance.

Reiki & Hospitals

If Reiki is so great, why isn’t mainstream medicine using it? Well, they ARE. Reiki is finding it’s way into more and more doctor’s offices and hospitals, all the time. The Center for Reiki Research website includes a list of 70 hospitals, medical clinic and hospice programs where Reiki is offered as a standard part of care.

Reiki & Church

Is Reiki religious?
NO. You do not need to believe in any spiritual tradition to give or receive benefit from Reiki.

I have heard that Reiki is the work of the devil. Is this true?
NO. Nowhere in the Bible is there any reference to Satan ever healing anyone. Giving Reiki is a laying on hands healing technique similar to what Jesus practiced. Reiki is divine, loving, God/Source/Universe energy, and as such, can do no harm.

Is Reiki allowed by my church?
It just depends on your church or religious institution. Reiki is used by many lay people and holy people, alike. You can look into information about Christians and the use of Reiki, here.

My Spirit Reiki Sessions

What kind of Reiki do you give?
I give Usui and Kundalini Reiki, blended with several other angelic healing energies of various frequencies. All the energies are the same God/Source/Universe energy, divinely guided and always loving. I still call this Kundalini Reiki, for want of a better name.

Can I get Reiki instead of seeing a doctor?
Seeking medical assistance is always a personal decision. If you have a condition you feel warrants medical attention, I highly recommend that you seek out a medical professional to assist you. I also recommend Reiki as an aid to your recovery, alongside medical care, NOT in place of it. Please see our disclaimer.

Do I need to take off my clothes?
No. You never need to remove clothing for Reiki. It is preferable for you to wear something comfortable and loose fitting, but that is to ease the flow of energy in your body. You might want to untie or remove your shoes, if they are tight, as well.

How long is a Kundalini Reiki session?
I like to allow up to an hour, even though the actual sending only takes 3-15 minutes. The recipient, however, continues to receive Reiki for 15-30 minutes, depending on their own allowing and may even fall asleep during a session. This extra time allows for a return to full waking state, before you need to get in your car and drive somewhere.

Do I need to allow the full hour?
No. You can receive Reiki at anytime, anywhere, even while you are driving. The reason I allow so much time, is for you. IF you decide to drift off into a drowsy state of mind, I want you to come back to alertness, before doing something that needs concentration.
You could just come into my shop and I could give you a Reiki session in less than 10 minutes. The thing is, Reiki feels so good that people tend to want to bask in it for a little while(which I don’t blame them for), so I allow for that in our session.

Can you come to my house, or work, to give a Reiki session?
Not at this time. If you cannot come to my store, you can easily order a long distance Reiki session.

Does Long Distance Reiki really work?
Reiki is divine God/Source/Universe energy and is not confined by the space/time constructs of human. Reiki is given with intention, not proximity. The power of Reiki does not diminish by distance. That is like saying that God cannot hear you, because you are too far away. You can receive Reiki just as strongly in Italy, as you can sitting in a chair in my shop, in Ordway, Colorado.

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