My Reiki Experiences

Reiki Energy Healing

My Reiki Experiences

I thought Reiki was woohoo, out there, until I was introduced and attuned to it in 1985, by Daniel Schaefer. Daniel “cured” the clicking in my jaw & headaches I was having after a car accident in 1983. Doctors had said there was nothing that could be done and that I would need a $20,000 surgery within 10 years, to replace disks in my jaw. I have never had the surgery and the pain has never returned. This was done in minutes and I was changed forever! If people could heal in an instant, what else could they do??

Daniel turned me onto NLP(neuro linguistics programming). I began learning about personal change work, studying the works of Bandler & Grinder, Milton Erickson, Earl Nightingale, Denis Waitley, Victor Frankl, Tony Robbins, and a host of others. I even went firewalking, twice. I got certified in NAC(similar to NLP) and continued studying on my own. Change work became a passion of mine.

I have been a healer my whole life, but I was not truly aware of my healing path until 2007.  Many things changed that year, including more Reiki attunements and a spiritual re-awakening. Since then, I have had several experiences with Reiki that most people not involved in healing would call extraordinary.

In 2008, my husband and I had just started a long vacation. We were in Pipestone, MN, playing miniature golf when he tripped. He folded up on the ground in agonizing pain, holding his knee. He said he felt something tear or crunch. I told him I was going to give him Reiki and that he had a choice. He could allow the healing to take place or we could go to the hospital and he could spend the next few months laid up, healing. I also told him to give himself Reiki at the same time, even though he was new to it. In less than 2 minutes, he said he felt better and thought he could stand. Within 10 minutes he was feeling well enough to finish the game of golf! I was skeptical to say the least, but he played golf and felt really good! The next day he was just a little sore, but that was it. It passed in a day or two. The only time he has knee trouble, now, is if he is kneeling at work for too long a time(he is a carpenter). That also passes after a day, or so.

Another time, our friend, Gordon, was having knee trouble. He wanted to play golf, but it was causing him a lot of pain. He also said he was just diagnosed, that day, with shingles and was very “put out” at having to spend over $200 for pills. I told him I thought Reiki might help his knee, but that the Reiki always goes where it is needed most. Since he had shingles, it might go either place or both. Anyway, his knee did not improve, much, but the shingles never broke out, ever. He was really mad, then, about spending over $200 on pills he did not even take. I said Reiki goes where it is most needed and the shingles must have been that place. From what I understand, shingles can be very painful and he should try to look on the bright side. He never did have to go through all that pain.

Our dear kitty, Flynn, was diagnosed with a blood disorder. We were told he probably would not make it through the night. His brother had just passed the week before from the same thing. I gave Flynn Reiki every day and asked my angels to help him to be as comfortable as possible. He survived 2 weeks, before he finally made the transition. He never appeared to be in any pain and was often lucid.

When Flynn’s other brother, China doll, came down with the same thing just a few days later, he seemed to be very troubled and confused. I asked my angels to help him make his transition quickly and as comfortably as possible. I would give him Reiki with that intention. I did not wish to prolong this experience for him. China refused to eat or drink and passed after about 4 days.

Even though they did not recover from their disease, I feel confident that Reiki was a great help to our dear pets during this transition.

So, now you have an idea of my experiences with Reiki.  Am I claiming that I healed my husband’s knee, or Gordon’s shingles? NO. Please, understand. I am a facilitator, and the recipient is the healer. I am able to flow Reiki energy to them, while holding their well-being as my intent. It is up to the individual to allow that energy in, helping them to relax and allowing their body to do what it already knows how to do, heal.

That being said, I have given Reiki to humans, plants, animals, rocks, fish, drinking water, TV sets, even my car. I know this might sound a little nutty to some people, but anyone who has actually worked with Reiki in this way knows that it is all possible. The most important factor is the allowing of well being for the recipient. Wellness is our natural state of being, not the other way around.

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