About My Spirit

The internet is such a blessing. As seekers, you don’t need a guru. You can search, read, and try things out for yourself. You can tweak what works and dump what doesn’t. Of course, it’s also easier to be misled. The heart must be listened to, to know what is a personal truth for you. All of the answers you are seeking, REALLY are inside YOU.

is finding our own inner truth. It’s learning to listen to our own inner guidance.  It’s also living from the heart, making heart centered choices. In listening to our heart, we re-discover our own personal truths. Doorways and windows open, that we forgot or never knew were there. The world around us seems to change overnight. By making choices from the heart, we find more joy, love, and happiness. Life becomes easier and infinitely more enjoyable. The things we have been wanting, begin to flow to us. The people around us appear to change, too, but it is really we who have changed.

My Spirit will be filled with thoughts and inspiration, that we believe will assist our visitors in re-discovering their own inner truth.

No single teaching, no spiritual of another, is going to be just right for us, if we are true to ourselves. However, we may walk side by side along the same spiritual for a time. It might be a day, or a year, until we come to the fork in the road where we each go our own way, again.
And so, I invite you to peruse these pages, ask questions, and leave comments, as you like. Take what resonates as truth for you and leave the rest. If you find My Spirit helpful to you, I invite you to look into our services, as they may also be helpful to you.

Love and Peace,

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